Hi! My name is Kim and I am excited at the possibility of being your counselor. I became a therapist because my own story is one of childhood trauma, addictive behaviors and disordered eating that continued until I sought help from a therapist. .

My speciality is working with women of all ages who are facing anxiety/depression, disordered eating, unresolved trauma, grief and loss, life transitions, relationship issues, and addictive behaviors.

As your therapist, you can expect a warm, nonjudgemental place to process your thoughts and feelings, while having a safe space to be heard and validated. I will help you identify roadblocks that are keeping you stuck from being the best version of yourself. In our sessions, you will explore faulty thought patterns, learn to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and address past experiences that have created unhealthy behaviors and a negative self-image.

You will start to learn to quiet your inner voice that says things like you are not good enough, you are always to blame or you are insignificant. New tools will be given so you can reframe your thoughts, developing a new narrative that says you matter; you are worthy. By the end of our work together, you will have learned self compassion, healthier boundaries and better coping strategies when dealing with life stressors. You will have a better relationship with yourself, your body and others.

Reach out to today and schedule a free consultation so you can be your most authentic self!


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