Adolescent Therapy

Are you are a teenager who needs to talk about the many pressures that come with school and the social world? Maybe you are an adolescent who is trying to navigate their independence while carrying burdens that you feel no one quite understands. Are you transitioning into adulthood and feel overwhelmed by indecision, lack of motivation or relationship struggles? Whatever the reason you have come here, I want to help you process your experiences in a safe place. Together we can explore coping strategies, deal with life stressors and create healthier relationships.

Individual Therapy

Do you find young adulthood to be filled with anxiety, unmet expectations and relationship stress? Do you constantly compare yourself to others while feeling drained from the grips of social media, causing lack of motivation and low self-esteem? Are you a woman who is dealing with unresolved trauma, difficult life transitions or unhealthy boundaries? Are you a friend, a spouse, or a parent who never feels good enough or appreciated so you react with anger, defensiveness and then feel guilt and shame afterwards? Are you an empty nester who has dedicated your life to being a parent and now you feel directionless, lost and lonely? Whatever it is that has brought you here, I want to walk along side you as we identify roadblocks that are keeping you stuck from being the best version of yourself.

Family Therapy

Are you a family that is struggling because daily life is just too busy? Maybe you are a couple who have completely different parenting styles and the house is divided? Do you feel overwhelmed because of a special needs child or is sibling rivlary ruling the house? Is your family struggling because of a recent loss or do you need help adjusting to transitions such as divorce, becoming a blended family or a having a new baby? Whatever the reason that has brought you here, my focus is to help you and your family move out of unhealthy patterns and develop new ways to communicate well.