Women's Issues

If you can relate to any of this, I can help. I work with women who struggle with boundary setting, unhealthy addictions, low self-esteem and perfectionism, grief and loss and abusive relationships.

I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion work to help you see your worth is not tied up in what others say or what your inner critic says. 

You will get to the root of negative core beliefs that you tell yourself and that keep you stuck in a cycle of unwanted thoughts and behaviors.  You can begin to reframe your thoughts, reparent yourself and see that you can be your biggest cheerleader. 

You will learn new ways of getting in touch with your body and your emotions, helping you react less and accept your thoughts and feelings without judgment. You will begin to have acceptance of where you are in your life now, while having hope that even though life may feel heavy at times, you can still have moments of joy and happiness. 

You will no longer feel like you have to do it all, be perfect or say yes all of the time because you will believe that you are enough. 

You will learn how to set boundaries, stop the repeated cycle of abuse and develop better relationships that meet your needs. Any unhealthy behaviors that have kept you stuck in a cycle of shame and guilt, will be replaced with new behaviors that you no longer have to hide from. 

Reach out today and schedule a free phone consultation so you can live as your best self.