You didn't expect life to be this hard

paralyzed by fear

panic attacks at work or out with friends

feeling like you can never shut off your brain

needing to check things, wash hands compulsively or do certain rituals in order to feel ok

feeling exhausted by the worrying about what you said/did/thought yesterday or what could happen tomorrow 

wanting to eat but afraid to gain weight

feeling out of control when you eat

exercising excessively in order to burn off the calories from lunch

eating healthy all day and then binging at night

hiding food or acting like you eat more than you do to appear "normal"

wanting to put up boundaries and say no but saying yes because you feel guilty or judged

exhausted at always needing things to be perfect

overwhelmed with grief or feelings of sadness due to losing a loved one or a breakup

feeling misunderstood and invalidated

comparing yourself to others so much that you feel less than or not good enough

reacting out of anger because you are resentful that you have to do it all

wanting to stop a behavior but feeling defeated before you even try because it is just too hard

Life doesn't have to stay this way. I can help.